51-Aegis (23447)
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360 Anti-Ambush

  • 5-Doppler sensors provide 360 degree protection
  • Detects motion up to 25-feet away
  • No Blind Spots
  • Dash-mounted LED indicates zone of detected motion
  • When system is active, back-up camera is turned on
  • Audible sounds when motion is detected
  • Optional side-cameras can be added
  • Left and right sides are independent
  • When system is activated, it will trigger lightbar and surface-lights as a deterrent

The Aegis 360 Anti-Ambush is a patented system designed to alert the occupants inside the vehicles if motion is detected within a 25-foot radius that provides 360 degrees of protection.

Mounted in-car display provides immediate visual and direction of approaching motion.

Doppler radar sensors mounted in corners and back provide full protection

Up to 25’ of coverage