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Welcome to Aegis Controls & Defense

Aegis Controls is the leader in officer safety technologies, with our team of ballistic engineers providing designs that eectively meet the quickly-changing threats of today. Every officer-safety product considers safety first, including how we can provide a superior advantage in all scenarios.

As a leading technology partner with law enforcement around the world, Aegis Controls is focused on three priorities.

  • Officer Safety
  • Community Engagement
  • Crime Prevention
Aegis 360

The Aegis 360 Anti-Ambush is a patented system designed to alert the occupants inside the vehicles if motion is detected within a 25-foot radius that provides 360 degrees of protection.

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Aegis Defense Shield

Our proprietary state-of-the-art bullet-proof glass will protect the occupant inside their patrol vehicle from incoming shots without compromising vision, special installation, discoloring or other side efects. Defense Shield will also allow the occupants to lower the windows completely in case egress is necessary.

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Aegis HALO

The head is the most vulnerable to law enforcement officers when they are on patrol. Aegis has created our head armor headrest that is compatible to all police vehicles. The design gives protection from behind and sides.

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Aegis PASS

Active shooters today are unpredictable, and strategies to combat these scenarios are continually changing. Aegis Controls has developed a light – weight, portable shield that provides cover to first responders, and on-site victim protection.

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Aegis comparison

Aegis 360 was designed to prevent officer ambush, whereas OEM officer-safety solutions utilize back-up proximity and back-safety systems. Here is how they compare.

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Ballistic Door Panel

Light-weight Level IIIa door panels can be quickly inserted into most model vehicles. This slide-in design provides quick installation.

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